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Full text of "Aphorismi Urbigerani, or, Certain rules clearly demonstrating the three infallible ways of preparing the grand elixir, or circulatum majus of the philosophers : discovering the secret of secrets, and detecting the errors of vulgar chymists in their operations : contain'd in one hundred and one aphorisms : to which are added, The three ways of preparing the vegetable elixir, or circulatum minus"

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' /6'y(j 

ef^Z^iuJdL W5^o5.Aj^ jocu. 


!fb^^ unita Tcrrtian 



^phorijmi %)rbtgeram^ 

Or Certain 

R U L E s, 

Clearly demonftrating the Three In- 
fallible Ways of Preparing the 


O R ^ 

Circulatum majm 



Difcovering The 

Secret of Secrets, 

Detecting the Errors of Vulgar Cbymifis 
in their OPERATIONS: 

Contain'd in One Hundred and One Afhorifms : To 
which arc ndded, the Three Ways of Preparing the 
Vegetable Elixir or Circulatum minus : All dcauc d 
from Ne/cr-Erring EXPERIENCE 


A Servant of God in ^he Kingdom of Nature. 

Experto Crede. 

hO N D O N, Printed for Henry ^j^rne^ at the 
Rcfe in St. Pm"% Church-yard. FS <» o. 


fan. I 5. i6^o- 

Kob. Midgley. 

T O O U R. 


Honor'd COADEPTS, 



T O O U R 

rmetit ^tu 

Finding you, dear Sons^ who have 
thro our yneans attain d to the 
true knowledg of our fir ft Mat- 
ter, worthy to receive ourfartkr Inftru- 
Eiions in the remainder of the ^rocefs^ 
to extirpate all J uch Ambiguities, as you 
may have conceivd in our Jbfence^ tofa- 
A 3 cilitate 

cilitateyour Labors^ and to precaution 

you in the hringingyour Work to its high- 

efl ^erfeclion , We here^ according to 

your dejtre^'expofe to yoUy and for your 

fakes^ to the Tublic, all the mojl infaUi- 

hie ^Jes^ necejfary for preventing of 

Errors in this great Undertaking. And 

tho yoUy ever 'bono/ d Coadepts, could 

never yet fo far prevail on your f elves ^ 

as to come to a ^S^olution of prefenting 

the World with the full TraEJia of this 

our Jrtyjotrid to the Theory ^ we are ne- 

verthelefs moft certain^ that we fhall 

not receive any ^pri?nand fom you 

for bringing to light thefe our ^les, 

which we have fo penndj that even 

thofe^ who know not our Terfon^ will 

not only foon perceive j that all^ we have 

written^ is the real Truth ^ clearly ex- 

hibtting both the TI?eory and PraBice 

of tJ?e whole Hermetic Jrt^ but alfo 

conclude, that theft Operations mufl of 


neceffity have very often pafsd thro our 
'own hands ^ from our giving fuch poji- 
the ^lesj and infallible InfiruBions^ 
elucidating all the ynojl obfcure and intri- 
€.ateEnig7ns of the ^hilofophers^and war- 
ning them of all the Accidents^ that may 
happen in the working of our SuhjeEi : 
We are J we fay^ confident^ you neither 
will J nor can hlayne us for this : fince 
you will eajtly difcern^ that our T>e- 
fign is purely to infiruEi our Dilci- 
. ples^ and prevent all the Well-wifliers 
to this moft nohle Art from being im- 
poidupon-j and cheatedfy any falfe pre- 
tended Adept ; to the end that thofe^ 
who p?all from the Divine 'Benignity ^ 
by the help of thefe our Aphorilms, 
or othenvife, have receivd the blejfed 
knowledg of our firfl Matter , which 
is the very jame in all our three ways 
of producing the grand Elixir, may 
thro theje our certain ^dts obtain 
A 4 the 

the accomplijhnent of their De fires. 
Having in our Travels fortund 
to meet with fome Terfons of true 
principles in ^hilojophy and ^ligi- 
on J we could not hut emhrace them^ 
and inJlruEl them^ towards its farther 
^erfeBion^ which cannot he attai d 
without the true knowledg of our Ce- 
lefttal Art , by which comprehending 
all the Myjierj of MyJierieSy we learn 
alfo how to ferve God in Faith and 
Truth. And fince we have no Oh- 
ligation to any Uving Soul for the know- 
ledgy we pojfefsy having attain d it 
all by the only Blejjing of Almighty God 
on our Industry and Expences : be- 
ing therefore at more liberty than thofcy 
tpl?o receive fuch a Favor from 10 , 
or fome other Adept , \is our Deter- 
minalion^ whenever we ?neet tpith Tcr- 
fqns fo qualified , always to do the 


fame. Wherefore heing at prefent in 
England , thb we are no Native of 
this i\ingdom , ive think it neceffary 
to fet jorth thefe our Aphorifnns in 
the Englifli Tongue^ not in the leaji 
doubting^ hut that the IQiowing^ mind- 
ing only the Senfe^ mill eaftly pardon 
any Impropriety^ they may find in our 
Expressions : and when Providence 
jl^all carry us into any other Country^ 
we^ having attain d to fome competent 
knowledg of mofi European Langua- 
gesj p?all again take care to publip? 
them in the Speech of the 'Vlcce^ where 
ive fJiall he , that we may the fooner 
obtain the ejfetl of our Vefres^ which 
aim at nothings but the undeceiving 
of the World by fetting down certain 
and evident Marks , diftinguijinng 
the Worthy from the Unworthy^ and 
at the bringing of Men to leave their 


unnecejfary Formsy by inJlruBing them 
in the true way of Serving God^ be- 
ing the only means to render them 
happy both in this JVorUy and the 


( 1 ) 

Aphorifmi Urbigerani, 

Or Certain 

^les^ clearly demonftrating the 
"Three Infallible Ways of 
, preparing the Grand Elixir 
of the Philofophers. 

THE Hermetic Science con- 
fifts only in the right know- 
ledg of the firft Matter of 
the Philofophers , which is 
in the Mineral Kingdom, not yet deter- 
min'd by Nature. 


An undetermin'd Matter being the 
begirjning of all Metals and Mineral?, 


( r ) 

it follows, that,aflbon as any one fhall be 
fo happy, as to know and conceive it, he 
iliall eafily comprehend alfo their Na- 
tures, Qualities, and Properties. 


Altho fome Perfons, poffefs'd with 
foolifli Notions, dream, that the firft 
Matter is to be found only in fome par- 
ticular places, at fachand fuch times of 
theyearaand by the Virtue of a Magical 
Magnet 5 yet we are raofl: certain* (ac- 
cording to our Divine Mafter //<?rA;/e/) 
that, all thefe Suppofitions being falfe, it 
is to be found every where, at all times, 
and only by our Science. 


.The Hernie:jc Art confifts in the 
true Manipulation of our undeiermin'd 
Subjeft, which before it can be brought 
to the hi<T[hefl: degree of Perfeftion, mud 
of neceffiry undergo all our Chymical 

C I ) 

Our C-hymical Operations are thefe, 
Amalgamation, Sublimation, Diflolution, 
Filtration, Cohobation, DiltilJation, Se- 
paration^Reverberation, ImbibitioD, and 
Digeftion. . 


When we call all thefe Operations 
ours, they are not all to be underftood 
according to the common Operations of 
the Sophifters of Metals, vvhofe Induftry 
confifts only in difguifing of Subje<Ss 
from their Form, and their Nature 3 but 
ours are really to transfigure our Sub- 
jeft, yet conferring its Nature, Quality, 
and Property. 


This our SubjeO:, after its having 
pafs*d thrd all thofc artificial Operations, 
which always imitate Nature, is call'd 
the Philofophcrs Stone, or the fifth EC- 


( 4 ) 

fence of Metals, being compounded of 
the Elfence of their four Elements. 

VIII. • 

The Metals and Minerals, which Na- 
ture has already determin'd, altho they 
Ihould be retrogradated into running 
M^r^//r^, Water, and Vapor 5 yet can they 
by no means be taken for the firfl: Mat. 
ter of the Pbilofophers. 


Our "true and real Matter is only a 
Vapor, impregnated with the Meralic 
Seed, yet undetermin'd, created by God 
Almighty, generated by the Concurrence 
and Inflaence of the Afirnms^ contained 
in the Bowels of the Earthy as the Matrix 
of all created things. 


This our Matter is call'd undeter- 
min d, becaufe, being a Medium between 
a Metal and a Mineral^ and being neither 


(5 ) 

of them, it has io it power to produce 
both, according to the Subjefl", it meets 


Such a Metalic Vapor, congeal'd and 
nourith'd in the Bowels of the Earth, 
is caird the UKdetermind^ and when it 
enchants the Serpent with the Beauty of 
its internal and additional Fire, the deUr- 
mind Green^Dragon of the Philofophers; 
and without the true knowledg and 
right Manipulation of it nothing can be 
done in our Art. * 


This Green.Dragon is the natural 
Gold of the Philofophers, exceedingly 
different from the vulgar, which is cor- 
poreal and dead, being come to the peri- 
od of its Perfection according to Nature;, 
and therefore uncapable of generating, 
unlefs it be firft generated it ielf by our 
Merchrial Water 3 but ours is fpiritual, 
and living, having the generative Facul* 


( 6 ) 

ty in it fdf, and in its own Nature , and 
havins: receiv'd the Mafculinc Quality 
from the Creator of all things. 


Our Gold is calfd Njtural, becaufe 
it is not to be made by Art, and fince 
it is known to none, but the true Dif- 
ciples of Hermes^ who underftand how 
to (eparate it from its original Lump, 
'tis call'd alfo Philofophical y and if God 
had not been fo gracious, as to create this 
firft Chdos to our hand, all our Skill and 
Art in the Conftruction of the great Eli- 
xir would be in vain. 


Out of this our Gold, or undeter- 
^^/V^Green-Dragon,without the additi- 
on of any other created thing whatfoever, 
we know how thro our Univerfal Men- 
Jlruum to extraft all our Elements, or 
Principles, neceffary for the performance 
of our great Work ; Which is our firft 
way of preparing the Grand Elixir : and 


( 7 ) 
fince this our firft Chaos is to be had 
without any Expence, as cofting only 
the trouble of digging it out of the 
Mines , This is not unfitly call'd the on- 
ly way of the Poor. 


The Operations in this our firft 
way being in a manner the fame with 
thofe of our fecond, which is, when we 
join our determind Dragon with our 
Serpent, we (hall (to avoid Repetiti- 
ons) in the fubfequenc Aphorifras give 
Inftruftions for them both together. 


Our Serpent, which is alfo contain- 
ed in the Bowels of the Earth, being 
of all created things whatlbever the 
neareft fubjeft of a Feminine Nature 
to our Dragon , thro their Copulati- 
on fuch an aftral and metalic Seed, con- 
taining our Elements,isalfo to be brought 
forth, as can, tho with fomewhat more 

B of 


of Expence and Time, perform the 
whole Myftery oi Hermes. 


Since our Serpent is of all creat- 
ed things the nearcft fubjeft of Femi- 
nine Nature to our Dragon, (he is 
after her Copulation to be taken for the 
Bafis of our Philofophical Work : for 
out of her Bowels, without the help of 
any otherMetal or Mineral,we muft draw 
our Principles or Elements, neceffary to 
our Work, being retrogradated by the 
Univerfal Menflrunm, 


This Feminine Subjeft cannot be 
retrogradated, unlefs to free her from 
her Impurities, and Heterogeneous Qua- 
lities, (be is firft aftuated by her Ho- 
mogeneous ones, that (lie may be in a 
better Capacity to receive the fpiritual 
Love of our Green Dragon, 


i 9 ) 


After our Serpent has been bound 
with her Chain, penetrated with the 
Blood of our Green-Dragon, and dri- 
ven nine, or ten times thro the combu- 
ftible Fire into the elementary Air, if 
you do not find her to be exceeding 
furious, and extremely penetrating, 'tis 
a fign, that you do not hit our Subjeft-, 
the notion of the Homogenea^ ox their 


If this furious Serpent, after it has been 
diflblv'd by the Univerfal Mef^JirhumfiU 
trated, evaporated, and congeaPd nine or 
ten times, does not come over in a Cloud, 
and turn into our Virgin Milk, or Meta- 
lic argentin Water, notcorrofive at all, 
and yet infenfibly, and invifibly devour- 
ing every thing, that comes near it, 'tis 
plainly to be feen, that you err in the No- 
-tion of our Univerfal Me^Jirm/^, 

B i X X r 

( 10 ) 


The Serpent, of which I now fpeak, is 
our true Water of the Clouds^ or the real 
Eagle and Mercury of the Philofophers, 
greatly different from the Vulgar, which 
is corporeal, grofs, dead, and full of He- 
terogeneous Qualities, and a Subjeft, fain 
from its Sphere, like unripe Fruit from 
the Tree ^ but ours is fpiritual, tranfpa- 
rent, living, refiding in its own Sphere, 
like a King on his Throne. 


Tho the vulgar Mercury is fuch an un- 
ripe Fruit, corporeal, and dead 5 yet if 
you know how to amalgamate ic with 
our Dragon, and to retrogradate it with 
thellniverfal Me»/?r w//«/,you may afiure 
your felf,that out ofthisalfoyou (hall be 
able to prepare a Sophie Mercury^ with 
which you ftrall certainly produce the 
greatElixirjdifcover the Secret of Secrets, 
unlock themofl difficult Locks,and com- 
mand all the Treafures in the World. 


( tl ) 


Our Mercury is called the Mercurj oi 
the Philofophers, becaufe it isa Subjeft, 
which is not to be found ready prcpar'd 
to our hand : for it muft of neceffity be 
made by our Philofophical Preparations, 
out of the firft Chaos , and althd it is 
Artificial, yet is it naturally prepared, 
Nature, which is imitated in the Prepa- 
ration of it, contributing likewife there- 


Since our Subjeft cannot be call'd the 
fiery Serpent of the Philofophers, nor 
have the power of overcoming any creat- 
ed thing,before it has receiv'dfuch Virtue 
and Quality from our Green-Dragon,and 
the Univerfal MenftruHm.hy which it felf 
is firlt overcome, devoured, and bury'd 
in their Bowels^ out of which being born 
again, 'tis made capable of the fame, it 
follows, that fuch a Virtue of killing and 
B } vivi- 

( 12 ) 

vivifying is natural to our Dragon and 
the Univerfal Me^Jir/^um. 


The Univerfal Menjlrunm oT the 
Phtlofophers is that Celeftial on*, with- 
out which nothing can live nor fub- 
fift in this World : Tis alfo that noble 
Champion, which delivers the uncorru- 
pted Virgin, Andromeda^ who was with 
a ftrong Chain faftned to the Fvock in the 
power of the Dragon, of whofefpiritu- 
al Love having admitted, for fear of be- 
ing eternally ruin'd and dtvour'd by him 
("which could not have been avoided, if 
this noble Champion had not come to her 
affiftance) She is to be dt liver 'd of a 
Child, which will be the Wonder of 
Wonders, and Prodigy of Nature. 

XXV [. 

If our Virgin in her Confinement, 
before fhe is fet at liberty, does not ma- 
nifefl: her extreme Beauty with all her 
internal, divt^rs, delicate natural Colors, 


( .3 ) 

wonderfully charming, and very pleafan^ 
to the Eye , it fignifies, that the has no^ 
fufficicntly enjoy'd the fpiritual Compa 
ny of the Dragon, 


If the Univerfa! Merzjiruum has not 
totally delivered the Virgin from the 
Claws of the Dragon , it is a fign, ei- 
ther that (he was not fufficiently free from 
her Heterogeneous Qualities, or that (he 
had not receiv'd from the external Heat 
a fufBcient penetrating Quality, or that 
the llniverfal Me^Jirnum was too weak 
to perform its Undertaking. 


To know, whether the Amalgamati- 
on, Sublimation, Diffolutioo, Filtration, 
Coagulation,^nd.Diftillation have been 
Natural and Philofophical , the -whole 
Body of the Serpent muft come over (pi- 
ritual and tranfparent, leaving only fome 
few and very light Feces at the bottom, 
which can by no Art be reduc'd either 
B 4 into 

( 14 ) 

into a running Mercury yOt any other kind 
of metallic Subftance. 


After all thefe abovc-mention'd Ope- 
rations, and the Separation, if cur Ser- 
pent, being amalgamated with any Me- 
tal, pure or impure, cannot fuffer the 
Fufion, it will be in vain for you to go 
any farther with it : for you may affure 
your fclf, that you do not walk in the 
true Paths of the Hermetic Art. 


Our Philofophical Diftillations con- 
fid only in the right Separation of our 
Spiritual and Mercnrial Water from all 
its poifonous oily Subftance, which is of 
no ufe at all in our Art, and from the Ca- 
ftit Morttmm^ which is left behind after 
the firft Diftillation. 


If after the firfl: Diftillation an ex- 
ceedingly corrolwe and extremely pe- 


( »5 ) 

netrating red Oil does not aftend (which 
as foon as it begins to appear in the Neck 
oftheRetortjthe Receiver muft be chang- 
ed ) it fignifies, that the Diftillation has 
not been rightly perform'd, and by Con- 
fequence,that the internal Fireof our me- 
talic vaporous Water,being burnt up,and 
corroded by its poifonous Vapor^and the 
outward Fire, is ftill mixt with it, and 
with the Caput Mortnum. 


In cafe you (hould commit fo great 
an Error in the performance of this 
firft Diftillation, altho it will never be in 
your power to prepare the Mercury Du- 
plex of thePhilofopHers,unIefs you (hould 
begin the whole Work again from the 
very Beginning 3 yet, if you have any 
farther Skill in our Art, you may eafily 
prepare our Mercury fimplex^ with which 
you will effed: great and miraculous 

XXX in. 

This blood red Oil with its only Fumes 
penetrates every Part and Atom of a!I 


{ i6 ) 

Metals and Minerals, and principally of 
Gold, out of which Diffolution one may 
eafily extraft the right Tinfture or Ef- 
fence with highly reftify'd Spirit of 
Wine, and bring it over the Alembic 
with it : which is indeed a great Medi- 
cine for humane Bodies. 


A deep blood-red Tinfture of excel- 
lent Virtue is to be extrafted alfo out of 
the above-mention'd Caput MortuHm^zc-' 
cidentally.and unfortunately intermixt 
with the intern ^1 Sulphur of our Mercu- 
rial Water, and wi.h the red Oil, with 
highly reftify'd Spirit of Wine : with 
which after it has been evaporated to a 
Powder, imbib'd,and Philofophically di- 
gefted, you may aflure your felf of having 
the Medicine of Medicines, next to the 
great Elixir, by which you may imper- 
ceptibly and quickly care all forts of 
Diftempers, to the great Admiration of 
all Galenjjif, and to the Aftonifhment 
of. all Vulgar Chymifts. 


( 17 ) 

The moft part of the Philofophers, 
whilft their Intention was to go farther 
to the nobleft Perfeftion of our Celeftial 
Art^either employ'd this red Oiljbrought 
to a Potabihty, for internal Medicines, 
or to external Difeafes without any far- 
ther Preparation of it, till they had ob- 
tain'd the great Elixir. 


Uthe Caput MorUmm has not the Mag- 
netic Quality in attracting the Spiritus 
Mtindi into it fcif from the Ajlrums, it is 
a fign, that at the end of the Diftillation 
of the red Oil the outward fire was fo 
violent, as quite to burn up the Magnet, 
which is contain'd in the firft Feces of 
our Mercttrul Water. 


After the firft Diftillatidn, if the Jeaft 
Part of the Virgin Mercurial Water can 


( i8 ) 

by any Art whatfoever be brought to 
running Mercury^ or any other kind of 
a Metalic Subftance^itisan evident iign, 
that either the Subjeft, or its Preparati- 
on and Reduftion into Water, has not 
been real, natural, or Philofophical. 


The above-mcntion'd Spiritus Mnndi^ 
altho of no ufe at all in this our great 
Work, is yet a great Mefjjirt^um in ex- 
tracting of Tinfturesout of Metals.Mine- 
rals, Animals,and Vegetables, and in per- 
forming great things inthe Art,volatiliz- 
ing all fixt Bodies, and principally Gold. 


A great many Pretenders to the true 
Hermetic Kno wledg prepare MenfiruHms, 
to diffolve common Mercury yZnd to turn 
it into Water feveral manner of ways, 
and by feveral additions of Salts, Sul- 
phurs, Metals, and Minerals 5 but, fince 
all thofe Preparations are fophiftical,any 


( 1? ) 

one, expert in our Art, will be able to re- 
duce ic to its running Quality agian. 


The Quality of our Mercurial Water 
being to volatilize all fixt Bodies, and to 
fix all thofe, that are volatil, fixing it felf 
with thofejthat are fixt, according to the 
Proportion of it, diffolving its own Bo- 
dy, it unites infeparably with it, conferv- 
ing always its own Qualities and Proper- 
ties, and receives no Augmentation from 
any other created thing,but only from its 
crude Body. 


Our Mercurial Water has fuch a fym- 
pathy with the Jflru^fs, that, if it is not 
kept very clofe, and Hermetically feal'd, 
it will in a very fhort time, like a wing'd 
Serpent, fly away in a wonderful manner 
to its own Sphere, carrying along with 
it all the Elements and Principles of Me- 
tals, and not leaving fo much as one fingle 
drpp, or the lead remainder, behind. 


( 20 ) 


Several Pretenders to the Magical Sci- 
ence prepare Magical Magnets, to draw 
from the Airland fas they pretend) from 
the Ajirums fuch Menjhmims, as they 
think neceflary for the ProduSion of the 
Great Elixir 5 but their Magnets being 
compounded of feveral determinate 
things, altho their Menjlruums are great 
Diflolvents,yet wedoon affured know- 
ledg affirm, that they can never perform 
any real Experiment in our Art. 


Someare of Opinion, that, unlefs the 
Operator is Matter in the Magical Science, 
and fundamentally underftands allitsEx- 
periraents, he will never be able by any. 
other Art whatfoever to bring forth any 
(iich things, as can produce thellniverfal 
Elixir. Now, altho we do not deny, that 
the Magical Knowledg is required to at- 
tain to the higheft degree of PerfeiSioa 
in all Sciences, yec we are mofl: certain, 


( 21 ) 

that it is not at all neceflary to the For- 
mation of the Grand Elixir upon Ani- 
mals, Metals, Precious Stones^and Vege- 


Our Virgin Milk, or Metallic Water, 
being brought to a perftfl: Spirituahty, 
and excellent Diaphanity, is call'd the 
true Chaos of the Philofophers : for out 
of that alone, without any addition of 
any created, or artificially prepar'd thing, 
we are to prepare and feparate all the 
Elements, which are requir'd to the For- 
mation of our Philofophical Microcofm. 


Tounderftand aright, how out of this 
our Chaos we are to form our Philofo- 
phical Microcofm, we rauft firft of neceP- 
fity rightly comprehend the great My- 
ftery and Proceeding in the Creation of 
the Macrocofm ; it being extremely ne- 
ceffary to imitate and ufe the very fame 
Method in the Creation of our little 


( 22 ) 
one, that the Creator of all things has 
us'd in the Formation of the great one. 


When our Chaos or Celeftial Water has 
purify'd it felf from its own grofs and 
palpable Body, it is calTd the Heaven of 
the Philofophers, and the palpable Body 
the Earth, which is void, empty, and 
dark : And if our Divine Spirit, which 
is carry *d upon the Face of the Waters, 
did not bring forth out of the palpable 
Body that pretious Metalic Seed, we 
fhould never be able by any Art whatfo- 
ever to go on any farther with the per- 
fea Creation of our Microcofm accord- 
ing to our Intent. 


This Heaven of the Philofophers,after 
it has feparated it felf from the Earth, 
containing our Philofophical Seed, and 
the Magnet of our Salt of Nature, and 
from the fuptrfluous Waters, is caird 
the Mercwy [i/;/pIcx of the wife man : for 


( i3 ) 

whofoever attains it, at the fame time at- 
tains alfo the Knowledg and Power of 
retrogradating Metals^ Minerals, &c. 
fo as to reduce them to their firft Being, 
to perfeft imperfeft Bodies,and to vivifie 
dead ones, conferving always iti own 
Property and Qpality to it felf, and to 
produce the Great Elixir according to 
the ufual way of the Philofophers. 


After we have feparated the Water 
from the Waters, by which I mean the 
Mercurial Celeftial Water frpm the fu- 
perfloous Watef, which is the Flegm 5 
by the Bleffing of God and the Infufion 
of our holy Spirit, we do not intheleaft 
doubt, but we (hall be able to bring 
forth out of our Earth fuch Fruits and 
Subjefts, with which we (hall certainly 
perform the whole Creation, carrying 
our Work to the higheft Degree of Per- 


Our Mercurial Water being of the 
fame Brightnefs with the Heavens, and 

C our 

( ^4 ) 

our palpable grofs Body, v/hich did fe- 
parate it felf from our Celeftial Water, 
having the fame Properties and Quality 
with the Earth, none, but Ignorants, will 
deny thera to be the right Heaven and 
true Elirth of the Philolbphers. 


If, after the Separation of the Spirit 
from the fuperfluous Waters, the World, 
in which it is contain'd^ does not appear 
mighty de^r, and full of light, and of 
the fame brightnefs with our Celeftial 
Water, it if a fign, that the Separation is 
not fully performed, the Spirit being (till 
intermixt with the Waters. 


If in the fpace of nine or ten Weeks, 
or two Philofophical Months at longeft, 
our Mercurial W^i€T has not done fepa- 
rating it {elf from all its own Earth, con^ 
taining the Metallic Seed, it is an evident 
fign, that you have either err'd in the 
Working of it, or that its Digcftion, hav- 

( ij) 

Ing been too yioknt, has confounded 
and burnt up the principal Subjefl: of 
the Creation. • '^ ^^' 


This Philofbphic ^arth, containing 
our principal Subjeft, after it has been 
feparated from all the Waters, is very 
gently to be dry *d by fome external Hear^ 
to free it from its extraneous Humidity, 
that it may be in a proper Capacity to 
receive the Celeftial Moifture of our Ar- 
gentin Water, to which it unites its moft 
noble Fruits, with which our Philofo- 
phical Microcofm is generated ^ nou- 
lilb'd, and faturated. 


If the Earth, after it has been rever- 
berated, humeded with our Celeftial 
Moifture, does not prefcntly enrich our 
Air with the divine esrpedcd Fruits, you 
muft certainly believe, that in the dry- 
ing of it the external Heat has been lb 
^iolenty as to burn up the internal K«2t 
G % and 

( 2<J ) 

and Nature of the Earth, and confe- 
quently fpoil your Undertaking as to 
the performance of the whole Myftery 
of the Creation, according to the nobleft, 
richeftjfliorteft, mofl: natural, and fecret- 
eft ways of the Philofophers. 


In cafe the Earth (hould be totally de- 
ftroy'd by the violent external Heat, al- 
tho it is moft certain/you cannot carry 
on our noble Creation any farther with 
it 5 yet if you know how to amalga- 
mate our Mercury /implex with your 
common Gold, which is diflblvcd, vi- 
vify 'd, and renew'd by it, you may be 
fure of effecting the Great Elixir, althd 
neither fo quick, (o natural, nor fo rich, 
as you might have done without it. And 
this is our third way. 


The Amalgamation of our Mercury 
pmflex with common Gold confiftsonly 
in the right Proportion,and in the indif- 


(17) - 

foluble Union of both, which is done 
without any external Heat in a very 
fliort time, without which exaft Propor- 
tion and right Union nothing of any Mo- 
ment is to be cxpefted from their Mar- 


Know then, that this right Proporti- 
on is ten parts of our Mercury Jimlex 
to one of your fineft common Gofd in fi- 
lings, which is diflblved in it, like Ice 
in common Water, after an impercepti- 
ble manner, and as foon as the Diffolu- 
tion is over, the Coagulation and Pu- 
trefaftion prefently follow, which EP- 
fefts if you find not, 'tis a fign, that the 
when your Gold has been thus well amal. 
garaated, united, putrify'd, and infepa- 
rably digefted with our Mercury ftmpkx^ 
you will then have only our Pnilofophi- 
cal Sulphur, in which time one might 
eafily have performed the wKole Work, 
working without common Gold. 

C ^ LVfL 

( 28 ) 


Altho our Mercury Jimplex is exceed- 
ingly fpiritual and volaril, yetfinceitis 
the right Agent, digefting the Seed or 
Eflenceof all Metals and !Vlinerals,it will, 
tho undigefted, naturally adhere to any 
of them, akho corporeal, that (hall come 
near it, and will never leave it, unlefs it 
be forc'd away by the Ted, tho kept 
in a great Fufion iFor many hours. 


This Mercury Jimplex^ which before 
its rctrogradation was of a Feminine Na 
ture, and before it left all its own Earth, 
was Hermaphroditic^ being powerful in 
both Sexes, is now become of a Femi- 
nine Quality again, and altho it has loft 
the Mafculine vifibie Fire, yet it has con. 
ferv'd its own, which is invifible to us, 
and v^ith which it performs vifibie Ope- 
rations in cligtfting of imperfed Metals, 
after its Determination with any of 



( 2P ) 


U this OUT M^rcHTji C the Proportion 
rightly obferv'd ) (hould be amalgama- 
ted with any imperfed Metal, being firft 
determin d with a fixt one, it will rege- 
nerate and perfeft the (ame,not lofing the 
leaft Particle of its Virtue or Quantity : 
Which Metal after the digeftion of a 
Philofophical Month will (as moft Philo- 
fophers teach ) be able to refift all man- 
ner of TryaLsand will be far better than 
any Natural one. 


The Determination of our Mercury 
Jiwplex with any of the fixt Bodies is to 
be done by diflblving a fmall quantity of 
Filings of red or white according to the 
Color and Quality of the Metal^that you 
defire to meliorate, and if you do not 
err in the Separation and Union of the 
Subjefts, you may affure your (lif of 
obtaining your defire after a Philolophi- 
eal Digeltion. 

C 4 LXL 

( 30 ) 


To examine aright, whether the Mei*- 
cHryJimflex is rightly prepar'd, or come 
to its Perfeftion, one only Drop, put 
upon a red-hot Plate of Copper, mull: 
whiten it through and through.and muft 
not part with it, altho brought into a 
great Fufion : Whichjif you find, it docs 
not, it will be a plain Demonftration, 
that cither your Mercury is not well pre- 
pared, or that it has not yet done fepa- 
rating itfelffromitsown Earth. 


If your Mercury Jlmplex, put upon 
its own dry*d Earth, does not prefently 
unite with the Effencc of Metals, appear- 
ing deeper than any Blood, and Ihining 
brighter than any Fire, which is a mark 
of the Reception of its own internal Fire, 
and that the Eagle has fuckc the Blood 
of our Red-Lion, it is an evident fign, 
that you haveerr'd in the Manipulation 
of the Earth. 


( 3^ ) 


This Mercury^ thus impregnated with 
its Effencc, or Sulphur of Metals, is 
caird the Mercury duplex of the Philofo- 
phers, which is of a far greater Quality, 
and Virtue than th^ [implex, with whofe 
Imbibitions in the Salt of Nature, after 
its being faturated with the [implex, the 
whole Myftery of the Creation of the 
Philofophical Microcofra is maintained 
and perfcfted. 


To know, whether your Mtrcury du- 
plex is Philofophically prepared, and 
fuflSciently impregnated with its own 
internal Natural Fire, put one fmgle 
Drop of it upon a red-hot Plate of fine 
Silver: and if the Silver is not by this 
Drop penetrated through and through 
with a deep-red Tinfture, enduring the 
greateft fire of Fufion , it will figni- 
fie, that you either fail in the Prepara- 
tion of itj or chat you have not given 


( 3* ) 

it time enough to receive a full Satura- 
tion out of its own Earth. 


This deep-red Tinfture, extrafted 
out of our Philofophical Earth, is caird 
our Sulphur, our undigefted, effentifi- 
cated Goldjoar internal elementary Fire, 
and our Red-Lion : for without its Help 
and Concurrence our Philofophical 
World cannot be nourifh'd, digefted ,or 
accomplifh'd,being the right Ground,and 
true Elfence of the whole work of our 


When the Earth has loft its Soul, the 
remainder of it is the true Magnet, at- 
tracting the Salt of Nature from the com- 
buftible Fire after a violent Calcination 
for (eveVal hours : which Salt, after its 
Purification and Clarification, is call'd 
the clarify'd Earth or Salt of the Philofo- 
phers, which, uniting it felf with our An- 
gle and double Mercury^ after their Di- 
geftion, is call'd by our Mafter Hermes 
the Univerfal Spirit earthify'd. LXVIl 

( 35 ) 


The Extraftion, Purification, and Cla- 
rification of our Earth or Salt of Nature 
is to be perform'd by our Mercury fim- 
plex : which, being put upon the rever- 
berated Earth, will prefently draw it to 
itfelf, and unite it felf with it, yet'(e- 
parable by gentle Dillillation, after 
which the clarify 'd Salt of the Philofb- 
phers is at hard. 


Althp we u(e our Meratry Jimplex in 
the Extraftion of its own Soul out of its 
Body,and for the Clarification of the la- 
ter 5 yet, fince it is a philofophical and 
perpetual Mefjjirnuw^ it lofes nothing of 
its connatural Prerogatives, nor does in 
the leaft diminilh in Quantity, being our 
true Alk^heji^ as Paracelfus is pleas'd to 
call it. 


Thofe ihree Principles, or Elements 
of our Chaos^ perfeftly feparaied from 


C 54 ) 

their Impurities, and brought to their 
highefl PeifedioH, are rightly call'd the 
three Herculean Works : for after the 
Preparation of them all the Labor ^Trou- 
ble, and Danger will be pad. 


Some foolifh Operators pretend, that 
our Great Elixir is to be prepared in a 
very eafie manner, and without any trou- 
ble at all,to whom we will with our Ma- 
tter Hermes briefly anfwer. That fuch 
Impoltors neither know our Matter, nor 
the right Preparation of it. Yet we do 
not deny, but any Healthy Perlbn, of 
what Age foever he may be, may under- 
go all our Herculean Labors, neceffary 
to the Performance of it. 


Thefe our Operations are therefore 
caird Herculean in refped to the reft of 
the Work, which is exceeding eafie, 
and without the lead TrouUle or Dan-* 
ger, being for that reafon call'd Chil- 



drens Play, becaufe a Child or a Woman, 
that has any Senfe, may eafily work it, 
and bring it to the higheft Perfeftion, ac- 
cording to the Saying of all true Philo- 


Altho all thofe above-mention'd Ope- 
rations are,according to the common O- 
pinion of the Philofophers, efteem'd dif- 
ficult, and dangerous 5 yet we can up- 
on our Gonfcience affura^you, that we 
have our felf alone without the help of 
any Creature living prepar'd them all 
on a common Kitchin Fire, as is very 
well known to feveral Coadepts, our 
Friends, who could not but admire and 
approve of our Induftry. 


No true Adept or perfeS: Artift can 
deny, but that the whole Work of the 
Great Elixir may from the very begin- 
ning to the end be perform'd on one on- 
ly Furnace, in one only fort of Veffel, 


( 5<^ ) 

and by one only Perfon alone, at a vc- 
ry fmall Charge* 


Some Im^oftors v/ould perfwade the 
Vulgar, that Gold , Silver, and many 
other Ingredients are required to the 
making of the Grand Elixir according to 
our nobleft ways ; which the Dodrines 
of all the Philofophers, and our own 
infallible Rules clearly (hew to be falfe : 
for 'tis moft certain, that we neither ufe 
any of their Ingredients, nor yet any Sil- 
ver, or Gold, (unlefs, as we have menti- 
on'd, in our third way) till we come to 
the Fermentation of our Elixirs. 


We do with all true Philofophers af- 
fure you, that all things, necefJary for 
our Philofophical Work, befides the 
Fevvel, Veffels, and feme few Inftru- 
ments, belonging to the Furnace, are 
to be purchased for left than the Expence 


( 37 ) 

of one fingle Guinea, and that every 
wherejand at all times of the year. 


Since neither Gold nor Silver is to 
be us'd at all in the Formation and Ci- 
bation of our Philofophical Work, it 
follows, that the old and common fay- 
ing of fome Authors, viz. That vptthout 
nporkj^ig '&ith Qold 'tis an mpojfible thing 
to make Gold^ proves to be only a falfe 
Notion of Men, who underftood not 
our Art. 


When our Herculean Works are 
brought to PerfeftioHj which is, when 
our three Principles , or Elemen-ts are 
prepared, punfy'd and perfeded, unlefs 
the Philofophical and unfeparable Union 
of them is exaftly performed, the Great 
Myflery of our Creation is not to be 


( 3» ) 

Our Principles or Elements being 
brought to a perfeft and unfepara- 
ble Union and Digeftion, it is call'd the 
Triple Mercury of the Philofophers j 
which being finilh'd, the whole Creati- 
on andFormation of our work is crown'd. 


All our Work of the Creation from 
its very Beginning to its perfefl: End 
may, on our certain knowledg, be per- 
fected in lefs than nine Months by any 
skilful and careful Artift, that follows 
our Rules, unlefs fome Accident fbould 
happen in the Preparation of our Hercw 
lean Works : which to prevent , we 
wrought them our felf in an earthen 
VeflTe), which we count far better and fu- 
rer than any Glafs, and which is moft 
agreeable to the Practice of the moft an- 
cient Philofophers. 



Before you come to the Union of 
your Elements, your clarify'd Earth is 
before all things to be digefted in a 'mo- 
derate and continual Heat of Aflies, to 
free it from any unnatural Moifture,thac 
it might have atKaded after its Purifi- 
catiotl, to be in ^ St Capacity to receive 
your Mercury ftmpUx^ by which it is to 
be nourifh'd in- its Infancy. 


If your clarify'd Earth, after it his 
been digefced the fpace of a whole 
Month, does not appear exceeding dry» 
fubtil, and frangible, it will fignifie, 
that you have faifd in the Purification 
or Clarification of it, or that the exter- 
nal Moifture, it had attracted, is not 
lyet parted from it. 


( 40 ) 


Take great Care,that you do not begin 
your Imbibitions of your Earth, before 
you find it to be very well purify 'd, 
clarify'd, dry'd, and brought to be ve- 
ry fubtil, and extremely frangible ; for 
it would be a great Detriment as well 
to your Work, as to your Mercury 5 
and,alth6 it (hould not fpoil your Work, 
yet it would be to you a great lofs of 


After our clarify'd Earth has been 
brought to a perfeft Purity, Dryncfs, 
and Frangibihty, it is to be imbib'd with 
the eighth part oi owi Mercury fimf lex ^ 
or Virgins Milk, which will in a very 
fhort time be foak'd into it, as into a 
Sponge, which (hews the hungry 
State of our Infant, and then the Fire 


( 4» ) 

is to be eontinu'd, till the Infant is hun^ 
gry again. 


If in the fpace of two or three days, 
or four, at the fartheft, the Infant does 
not (hew it felf to be extreme hungry 
by becoming very dry and frangible 
again, it will be an evident fign, that 
you have overcome it by your exceffive 
feeding of it. 


Great care is to be taken ajfo in the 
feeding of the noble Infant: for if you do 
not well obferve all our infallible Rules, 
you will never be able to bring it to 
a perfedt Maturity : for in the Notion 
and Proportion of our Imbibitions, and 
the Management of them, the profpe- 
"^ D X reus 

( ■ 41 ) 

rous and unfailable End of our Work is 
to be expefted. 


'Tis always to be obferv'd, that the 
Fire be very moderate, as long as you 
are making your Imt)ibitions, for fear 
oK forcing any part qJT your Mercnry to 
leave the Earth: for as a moderate 
Heat qi^kes the ; Union between the 
Soul and the Body, and perfects all the 
Work : (o on the contrary a too vio- 
lent Heatdifunites ariddeftroys all. 


.Hi^txifanc being, dry, the Iqibibition 
i^toberepeated.^gajn,. and this-Mttl^pd. 
isj,Q bp; us'd, unci! the Matter has re- 
c^J^i'd. its wtighyt wf the Menwy : ^at 
v^^y^b, t^ia;e if you do not find- it to flow 
'r. V ' like 

( 45 ) 

like Wax, and be whiter then any Snow, 
and very fixt, you miift proceed with 
your Imbibitions, until you perceive 
the fame. 


The Imbibitions are not to be made 
any oftner, than once every three or 
four days, in which time you will find 
your Matter, having foak'd up all your 
Mercury^ xo be in great want -of Food, 
which mufl: be fupply'd, until it be fatu- 
rated : the Mark of which will be, when 
it flows like Wax again. 


Ycur Matter being brought to a per- 

feft Fluxibility, uncomparable White- 

nefs, and unalterable Fixedncfs, knov/ 

then, that you have perfeaioned the 

D 3 white 

( 44 ) 

white Elixir, which, being fermented 
with fine Silver in Filings, will be in a 
Capacity to tranfmuce all inferior Me- 
tals into the fineft Silver m the World. 


Before the white Elixir is fermented 
with common Silver, you may multi- 
ply it, as well in Virtue, as in Quantity, 
by the Continuation of Imbibitions with 
the Mercury (implex^ by which it may 
by Degrees be brought ad Irjfimtum in 
its Virtue. 


The white Elixir being brought to 
jts Degree of Muurity,. defiring to go 
on to us higheft Degree of Perfcftion, 
inftead of fermenting it with Silver, it 
niuft be cibated with its own Fledi and 


( 45 ) 

Blood, which is the double Mercury^ 
by which being nourifti'd, multiply *d 
in Quality and Quantity, and digefted, 
the whole Work is accomplilti'd. 


As foon as the firft Imbibition is 
made, you will fee a great Altera- 
tion in your Vcffel ; for there will be 
nothing feen but a Cloud, filling the 
whole fpace of the Veflel, the fixt be- 
ing in controverfie with the Volati! , 
and the Volatil with the fixt. The 
Volatil is Conqueror at the beginning, 
but at lafl: by its own internal Fire, 
conjoyn*d with the external, both are 
united, and fixe infeparably together. 

D 4 XCIIf. 

( a6 ) 

It is to be obferved, that the Glafs 
Veffel, which rauft be oval, with a 
Neck half a foot long, and very ftrong, 
be of a fit bignefs, and of fuch Capa- 
city, that your Matter, when it is put 
into the Velfel, may take up only the 
third part of ir, leaving the other 
two vacant : for, if ic (hould be too 
big, it would be a great hinderance 
in performing the Work, and if too 
little, it would break into a thoufand 


After you have cibated the noble 
Elixir with your double Mercury, be- 
fore it can come to its perfeft Fixed- 
iwfs, it rauft of neceffity wander thro 


( 47 > 

all the States and Colors of Nature, 
by which vvc are to judg its Being 
and Temperament. 


The conftant and eflential Colors, 
that appear in the Digeftionof the Mat- 
ter, and before it comes to a Perfeftion, 
are three, vi%,. Black, which fignifies 
the Putrefaftion and Conjunftion of the 
Elements 5 White, which denmnftrates 
its Purification 5 and Red, which de- 
notes its Maturation. The reft of the 
Colors, that appear and difappear in 
the Progrefsof the Work, are only ac- 
cidental, and unconftanc. 


By every Cibation of its own Flefh 
and Blood, Regeneration of its Colors, 
and Digeftion, the Infant will grow 
ftronger and ftronger, that at laft being 


( 48 ) 

fully faturated and digcfted, it is calPd 
the Great Elixir of the Philofophers, 
with which you will be able to perform. 
Wonders in all the Regions, as well 
Animal, as Mineral, and Vegetable. 


When your Elixir is brought to a 
Fluxibility, and a perfeft Fixednefs, 
if you defire to make a Medicine up- 
on Metals, you mud determinate or 
ferment it with common Gold in Fi- 
lings, in which Determination it will 
vitrify, and then you will have an in- 
comparable Medicine, c ipable to trand 
mute all imperfeft Metals into the pu- 
reft Gold, according to the Do^'^rine 
of all the Philofophers, tho our felf 
never defign'd any thing, but an uni- j 
verfal Remedy for the Cure of all i 
curable Difeafes, incident to Human 
Bodies, a« is well known to our Friends. 
who have enjoy *d the Benefit of thefe 
our Labors. 


( 49 ) 


It is to be obferv'd in the Fermenta* 
tion, that the Elixir exceed not the Fer- 
ment in Quantity, otherwife the Spon- 
fal Ligament of it cannot be adlually 
perform'd, and when the Ferment is pre- 
dominant over the Elixir, ail will be 
prefently turned into duft. 

X C I X. 

The beft Method of Fermentation is 
to take one part of the Elixir, and put 
it into the midft of ten parts of Gold in 
Filings, cad thro Antimony, to free it 
from all its Impurities, and to keep it 
in a circulary Fire for the fpace of fix 
Hours, to increafing the Fire by De- 
grees, that the two lafl hours it be in 
a good Fufion, and when cold, you will 
find all your Matter exceeding frangi- 
ble, and of the Color of the Granate- 


( 50 ) 


Common Mercnrj, amalgamated with 
Lead^ is counted the moft proper Sub- 
jed for making Projeftion, which be- 
ing in Fiifion, your fermented Matter 
being divided into three parts, one part 
of it roird,in Wax, is to be flung upon 
the Amalgam : then prefently cover 
the Crucible, and continue the Fire, 
until you hear the Noife of the Separa* 
tion and Uaion : then the fecond and 
third parr, as before, and being kept 
for two hours in a continual Fire of Fu- 
fion, let it cool by it felf. 


Whoever fhall prefume to prepare 
the Great Elixir according to our mod 
Secret Ways without following and ob- 
ftrving all thefe our infallible Rules, 
will certainly find hirafelf mightily mi- 


( 5» ) 

ftaken at laft, having after a great deal 
of Trouble, Charges, and Pains, reap'd 
nothing but Difcontent 3 and on the 
contrary they , that (hall walk in our 
true and infallible Paths, (hall with ve- 
ry little Trouble and Expeiices attain 
to their defired End^which we cordially 
wifh to all thofe, who are fincere well- 
wifhers to the Hermetic Philofophy. 

F I J^I S. 

Circulatum minus Urhi^eramniy 
O R T H E 

Philosophical Elixir 




The Three certain Ways of Pre- 

J>aring it, fully and clearly 
et forth in One and Thirty 

^T HO'Rl S MS 

By T^aro aJtbisftus 

A Servant of God in the Kingdom of Nature. 
Experto Crede. 



Printed for Henry Fatthorm, at the Rofb 
m St. ?aul\ Church-yard, 1690. 

T O A L L 


O F T H E 

HJying tn our Trece* 
dent Aphorifms 
clearly deliver d fuch 
infallible Utiles and Jnflrmli- 
ons, as are necejfary for fro- 
ductng our (jrand Elixir, or 
Circulatum majus, the only 
real Secret of the true Adepts, 
commanding tn all the Ktng- 
£ % domi 

(loms of SJ\(ature^ nphich mll^ 
n^e quejlion not^ he no lejs plea^ 
(ing to all other lovers of Scu 
ences^ than to our T>ifciples ; 
and being farther indind fully 
to inform them^ honip to preferye 
themfehes and others inperfeB 
Health hj ohViattng any T)i^ 
femper^ that may othermfe o- 
yercome them^ before they can 
attain to the Accomplifhrnentof 
their T)efires : We ha^e thought 
it convenient to impart Itk^mfe 
to them our three federal ways 
of making our Vegetable Elixir, 
or Circulatum minus, vphich 
may be prrpard^ and brought to 


its Htmoft TerfeBion in thefpace 
of a Thilofophical Month by 
any skilful <t/frti(i, ivho Jhall 
comprehend and foUoup our cer- 
tain T^ireBionSf laid down in 
thefe our fubfequent Apho- 
rifms, inhere the n>hole JVorl^ 
isfo eyidently demonjlratedy that 
none, raho is ever fo little yers'd 
in Chymiftry, can be liable 
to mijlake. U^r do 'ive any 
ypoy doubt, but all thofe, ivho 
/JjaU Vi>ith afncere and upright 
Intention peru/e thefe our plain- 
Ij-iiaritten Aphorifms, mil find 
themfehes obliged to blefs iJl- 
mightj (jodfor his infinite Mer- 
E 3 cy 

cy in haying infpir'd us to open 
their Ejes, that they may fie, 
vphat is requifite for their pre- 
fent Healthy and future Happi- 
nefs, both vehich vee heartily 
m/h to eyery one, i^ho, as be- 
comes a true Thilofopher, un- 
feignedly loyes God and his 


( 6i ) 

Circulatum minui Urh'igeranum, 


O F 



The Three certain Ways 
of Preparing it. 


OU R CinuUtum minm is on- 
ly a Ipccificated Elixir Jbc- 
longing to the Vegetable 
Kingdom, by which without any 
Fire, or farther Preparation of the 
E 4 Vcgc« 

( 6r ) 

Vegetables, we can in a Mo- 
ment cxtrad: their true Eflencc, con- 
taining their Virtue, Quality, and 
Property : which is a great Chymical 
Curiofity, performing Wonders in 
the Practice of Phyfick, and in de- 
monftrating (bme Works of Nature. 


We call it GrcuUtum^ becaufe, tho 
never fo often us'd in any Extradi- 
pn, or Chymical Experiment what- 
ever, it lofes nothing of its Quality, 
or Property : which is a Prerogative, 
pertaining to the Univerlal Elixir^ 
caird alio the Circulatum majii^^ be- 
caufe it commands in all the three 
Kingdoms of Nature i whilft this, 
being reftrain'd to one only King- 
dom; is for that realbn ftil'd Minus. 


( 6; ) 


Out of X>i^ias undetermined 
Tears, when JpoHo has appeared, af- 
ter the Separation of the three Ele- 
glorious Refurredtion, we can, with- 
out the Addition of any other 
created thing, prepare this our deter- 
min'd Elixir : Which is the firft, no- 
bleft, and fccreceft way of the Philo- 


The Deternaination of our Dianas 
Tears confifts only in their perfect 
and indiffoluble Union with the fixe 
Vegetable Earth^philofophically pre- 
pared, purify 'd, and fpiritualizd : 
for the love of which they are fore d 
to leave their firft univerfal unde- 


( 6^ ) 
min'd Property, and be cloath'd 
with a decermind particular one, 
which is required to this our CircuU- 
turn minus. ^^ 

Our iecond way of preparing 
this our Vegetable Elixir is by a 
right Manipulation of a Plant of the 
nobleft Degree, flanding by it felf, 
or fupported by others : after the 
Preparation of which, and its Pu- 
trcfadion, Redu6tion into an Oil, 
Separation of the three Principles, 
with their Purification, Union, and 
Spiritualization, the wliole is to be 
turn'd into a fpiritual ever-living 
Fountain, renewing every Plant, 
that {hall be plung'd in it. 


( ^5 ) 


The third and common way is 
only a Conjundion of a fixt Vege- 
table Salt with its own volatil luU 
phureous Spirit, both to be found 
ready prepar'd by any vulgar Chy- 
mijiy and fince in their Preparation 
the pureft Sulphur, containing the 
Soul, has fuffer d Ibme Detriment 
by their not being philofophically 
manipulated, they cannot be infepa- 
rably join'd without a fulphureous 
Medium J by which the Soul being 
ftrengthned, the Body and Spirit 
are alfo thro it made capable of a 
perfect Union. 


The proper Medium ^ requifite 
for the indifloluble Union of thefe 


( 66 ) 

two Subjedls, is only a fulphureous 
and bituminous Matter, iffuing out 
of a Plant, living or dead, which 
is to be found in feveral parts of the 
World, and is known to all manner 
of Men, ( the Copavian we find to 
be the bcft, and after that the Itali- 
an^ ) by which, after it has been fe- 
parated from its feculent parts thro 
our,Univerfal Menjlruum^ all the 
Pores and Atoms of the fixt Vege- 
table Salt, which is extremely forti- 
fied by it, being dilated, it is made 
capable of receiving its own Spirit, 
and uniting it felf with it. 


To fortify the Sulphur, and open 
the Pores of the Salt, no other Me- 
thod is to be us'd, but to imbibe the 
fame with the bituminous Matter in 

(67 ) 

a nfodeutc digeftivc Heat, as if one 
would hatch Chickens, and as the 
Salt grows dry, the Imbibitions are 
to be repeated, until you find it fo 
fully laturatcd, that it refuies to im- 
bibe any more of the Matter. 


In the Courft of Imbibitions the 
whole Mafs is at Icaft nine or ten 
times a day to be ftirr'd with a Spa- 
tula, or fomc other Inflrument of 
dry Wood, by which reiterated 
Motion, the bituminous Matter re- 
ceives a better ingrels into the Body, 
and perfects its Operation the loonen 


Great Care is to be taken, that 
in the performance of the Imbibiti- 

( 6i ) 
ons, no kind of Soil or Duft.fall 
into your Matter, for the preventi- 
on of which your Veflel may be 
kept cover'd with a Paper, prickt 
full of holes, or any other fuitablc 
Covering, and that nothing come 
near it,which has its own internal Sul- 
phur: for the Pores of the Salt being 
very much dilated and open'd,it may 
eafily determine it felf to any other 
Subje(^,and fo Ipoil your Undertak- 


If in three, or four Weeks time 
at fartheft, your fixt Vegetable 5alt 
does not manifcft its full Saturation, 
'twill certainly be in vain for you to 
go any farther with it : for you may 
alTure your felf, that you cither err 
in the Notion of the Salt or of the 
real fulpluueous Medium, or in the 
Management of the Imbibitions, 


C 69 ) 

When your Imbibitions are ful- 
ly perform'd, your Salt will then be 
in a convenient readinefs to receive 
its own Spirit, by which it is made 
volatil, ipiritual, tranfparent, and 
wonderfully penetrating, entring of 
a fudden into the Pores and Parti- 
cles of every Vegetable, and fepara- 
ting in a moment their true Enence 
©r Elements. 


Altho the Salt is fully prepared 
for the Reception of its own Spirit, 
yet unlefs you well obferve the right 
Proportion of them (which is, that 
the volatil always predominate over 
the fixt) you will neverJ^e able to 


( 70 ) 

make any peifea Union between 
thefe two Subjefts, contrary in 
Qiiality, tho not in Nature. 


Before you begin your Deftillati- 
ons and Cohobations, after the Ad- 
dition of the Vegetable Spirit to its 
own Salt, a Putrefaction of eight or 
ten days is to precede, during which 
time, the fulphureous Spiritjftrength- 
ned by the bituminous Matter, and 
finding its Salt fit for Conjunction 
with it, has the power to enter in- 
to its Pores, to facilitate its Volati- 
lization, and Union. 


If after fix or {even Dcftillations 
and Cohobations of the deftilld 


( 71 ) 

upon the Remainder, you do not 
find your Spirit to be extremely 
fliarp, and the Remainder in the 
bottom altogether infipid , it will 
be an evident 5ign, that you fail in 
the true knowledge of the Vegeta- 
ble Spiritp which, being exceeding 
volatil, has in its Nature power to 
volatilize its own Body, and unite 
it felf infeparably with it, finding it 
capable of its Reception. 


It is to be oblervdj that in the 
Progrefs of your Deftillations the 
fulphureous Medium do not in the 
lead afcend : for as it is a real Mediurriy 
concurring to unite the Body with the 
Spirit, before the Spiritualization of 
the Body, and without the Con- 
currence of which noperfcd: Union 
F of 

( 7^ ) 

of thefc two Subjcds is to be expe- 
cted j fo on the contrary in the Pro- 
grels of the Work its Concurrence 
would be highly d/fidvantageous to 
to them both, and totally (ubvcrt 
your Operation. 


Theafcending of the fulphureous 
Medimfty when the Spirit begins to 
carry over its own Body, to unite it 
felf infeparably with it, . evidently 
and certainly fignifies, that you do 
not regulate your Fire^as you llhould, 
and that, inftead of giving a gentle 
vaporous Heat to facilitate the Uni- 
on, you give a violent one to de- 
ftroy it. 


( 71 ) 


When your Sale is brought to its 
pcrfed Spiritualization 5 and real 
Union with its own volatil Spirit, 
then you will have in your power 
your Circulatum minus y or Vegetable 
Elixir^ and Menjlruum^ with which 
you will be able to perform wonders 
in the Vegetable Kingdom, feparat- 
ing in a moment not only their Prin- 
ciples or Elements, but alfo at one 
and the fame Operation the Pure 
from the Impure. 


If into this your Vegetable Eltx'tr 
you put any green Vegetable, fhred 
in pieces, it will in lefs than half a 
quarter of an hour without any ex- 
ternal Heat putrify, and precipitate 
F z ic 

( 74 ) 

it felf into the bottom quite dead, 
{ which is nothing but the curfed 
Excremental Earth) and on the 
Top will fwim a yellow Oil, con- 
taining the Salt and Sulphur, and 
the Elixir will be of the Color of 
the Plant, comprehending its Ve- 
getable Spirit : which if it does not, 
'tis a fign, that your Operations have 
not been Philofophical. 


One only drop of this yellowifli 
Oil, given in Diftempers according 
to the Virtue and Quality, attribu- 
ted to the Plant, every Morning and 
Evening in a Glals of Wine, or any 
other convenient Vehicle, will in- 
fallibly and infenfibly cure thole 
Diftempers, and corroborate the vi- 
tal Spirirs, if conftantly taken to 


( 75 ) 
purify the Blood in fickly and infc- 
d;ious Times. 


If you put Coral into this Men- 
ftruuniy you will ftc an admirable 
Experiment : for altho its Pores are 
compafter^ than in any other Vege- 
table y yet it will on a fudden tranf^ 
mit its internal Spirit into the Men- 
Jiruuniy and lending its Soul and 
Body, like a blood-red Oil to the 
Top, will at laft fall to the Bottom 
like a grayifh Excrement. 

X XI I. 

If Myrrh J Aloes, and Saffron, 
of each an equal Quantity, are puc 
into this Menftruuniy the trueft Elixir 
Troprietatis ( as Taracelfus terms it ) 
which is a nwft excellent Cordialjand 
F 3 almoft 


almoft of as great Efficacy and Vir- 
tue, as the Univerfal Elixir it felf, 
in curing all curable Diftempers, 
will prefently fvvim on the Top, 
and its Caput Mortuum will feparate 
it f^lf into the Bottom. 


This Vegetable Menjlruum dif- 
folves not only all forts of Gums, 
.or any other kind of Subftance in 
the Vegetable Kingdom, but alio 
all forts of Oils and Balfams, com- 
ing out of Trees, feparating their 
true Eflence, by which you may 
perform wonderful things both up- 
on living Bodies, and dead ones, the 
-laft of which it prefervcs for ever 
without opening or any farther Pre- 
paration of them. 


( 77 ) 

Tho this Menjlruum is only Ipe- 
cificated upon Vegetables, it will 
nevertheiefs in a moment draw the 
Tindure out of Metals and Mine- 
rals j but it will not fcparare all their 
Principles , not being the appro- 
priated Menjlruum for fuch Opera- 
tions 3 and tho fuch Sulphurs are 
highly balfamic for the Lungs and 
Spleen, yet fince our £//x/> Tro^rie- 
tatis far exceeds thofe pra^ternatural 
Preparations, we only give this as 
a curious Chymical Experiment. 


Since this Vegetable Menjlruum is 

eternal, you mull pbferve, that you 

loie nothing of its Quaniity or Qua- 

F 4 ii^^. 

( 78 ) 

lity in feparating of it from the Oil, 

and Spine of the Vegetable, which 
is done by a gentle Deftillation in 
^alneo vaporofo^ the Veflel being ve- 
ry well luted and dry*d before. The 
Menjiruunij coming over w^ith the 
Flegm of the Vegetable^from which 
it IS by a Deftillation in ^alneo to be 
feparated for farther ufcs, leaves the 
Oil at the Bottom, united with its 
ovyn Spirit, which will eafily go 
over in any common Heat^ not leav- 
ing any thing behind it : which is 
a Mark of its Spiritualization, Pu- 
rification, and Regeneraiion, that it 
has received from the Menjlruum. 


Out of this Oil or Effencc of 
your Vegetable lb prepar'd, or by 
any other Philofophical way, (as 


( 79 ) 
we have mention'd in our fccond 
Manner of making this our Elixir ) 
if you know how to putrify it natu- 
rally without any Fire, and to ic- 
parate all our Principles out of it, 
purifying and uniting them infepa- 
rably together, being all made Ipi- 
ritual and tranfparent, you will then 
have out of this fecond Regenerati- 
on the greateft Arcanum in theWorld, 
as upon Vegetables, fo alfo upon 
Minerals and Metals, except Gold 
and Silver. 


if this regenerated Eflence be de- 
rermin'd with our firft Matter, it 
will then be in a Capacity radically 
to diflblve all forts of Metak or 
Minerals, and principally Gold, 
which is imperceptibly diffolv'd in 


( 8o ) 

it, like Ice in common Water, and 
cin never be (eparated common 
Gold again, neither by Deftillati- 
on, nor Digeftion : out of which, 
after a-Philolbphical DigefHon, Se- 
paration of the three Principles , 
with their Purification, Union, Di- 
geftion, and third Regeneration, 
you may prepare the great Medicin 
of Medicins, of equal Virtue and 
Quality with the Grand Elixir upon 
Human Bodies, and with our Mer- 
cury JimpleXy upon Metals or Mine- 


The determinating this regene- 
rated Mmflruum with our firft Mat- 
ter is to be performed by its Amal- 
gamation with it, in which the Ve- 
getable Men/iruum^ drawing out of 
!t all "its Qualities 'and' Properties, 


( 8i ) 

and uniting them with its own, is 
made capable of the fame Virtue 
and Property, as our Mercury Jimplex, 
in difiblving and volatilizing eve- 
ry created thing, that fliall come 
near it. 


Some are of Opinion, that both 
the Elixirs may be produc'd out of 
feveral determined things, as Human 
Excrements, Mt)/- dew, (which they 
call alfo t\-\ciYMenJiruu7?i from above, 
or Water from the Clouds ) (i^c. as 
alfo that the Grand Elixir may be 
prepar'd out of this, or any other Ve- 
getable regenerated Menjlruumy but 
nnce we know, that luch Menjiru- 
umsy which they call their Philofo- 
phical Mercury^ altho they may dit 
iblve and volatilize Mer^ls, yet can- 
not meliorate any of them, this 


( 82 ) 

Diflblutlon and Volatilization being 
neither natural nor Philofophical, 
we therefore with good Reafon 
judge all thole Opinions to be only 
falfe Suppofitions and ill-grounded 
and imaginary Notions. 


We with our Divine Mafter 
/ir^w^^abiblutely affirm, that, Al- 
mighty God having, after he had 
created all things, commanded eve- 
ry one of them to procreate out of 
its own kind, our Elixirs are not 
to be produced by any of thofe fo- 
phiftical ways, as we have fully 
made appear in thele and our prece- 
dent Afhorifms^ in which we have 
given ample Inftruftions for the 
preparing the Univerfal Elixir out 
of our undetermin d Matter, and 


( 8; ) 

the rpecificated one out of the Root 
of Vegetables. 


Out of the true Affedion and 
Charity, we have for all Lovers of 
Arts, we advife every one, who 
fhall defire to prepare either of thcfe 
our Elixirs J only to follow 9ur In- 
fallible Rules, being the Compmdium 
of the whole Practice and Theory 
according to all true Philofophers, 
and not to mind any other : for 
fome having delivered things by 
Hearfay, others from Reading, and 
very few from their own Pradice, 
they may eafily be impos'd upon 
and deluded by any Tfeudochy??jiJl or 
pretended Adept. 

. Experto Cred&. 

( 84 ) 



An Explanation of the Figure^ prefixt 
to the Aphorifmi Urbigerani. 

HAving in our One Hundred and One 
Jphorifms (o perfpicuoLidy laid open all 
the Difficulcies, and fo amply caught the con> 
pleac Theory and Practice of the whole Her- 
petic Myfteiy, that any ingenious Lover of 
Chymiltry will not only be enabled to undcr- 
ftand the iiioil: abftrufe writings of the Philofo- 
phers, but alio to etFedany real Experiment, 
which IS to be expedled in the Progreis of our 
Celeflial Art; and yet being apt to believe, 
£ihar luch, as are not our Djfciples, may per- 
haps meet with (bme of the Phtlo(oph:cal Fi- 
gareSj the meaning of which they may not fo 
eaiily comprehend, we have judg'd it highly 
expedient, in the Front of this our little Book 
CO place this our Figure, by which^ being a 
perfcd Compendtum of all the Philofbphieal 
Emblems, the reft may be without any great 
difEcuky underftood. Now fince this our Fi- 
gure, myilically reprefenting all our Subjects 
and Operation^^cannot but admit of many and 


various Interpretations, all which if wq Hiould 
here fet down, our Aphorifms (where they 
are already dehvcr'd, and of which this would 
then be a Repetition, ) would be altogether 
ufelefs and inlignificant : we therefore at firft 
efteem'd it very (uperfluous to give any farther 
Illuftration of it. But our defire being to do 
all the good, we can, to the Public, we have 
on fecond Thoughts rcfolv'd with our wonted 
Brevity to dehver the following Explanation 
for the better Comprehenfion both of it and 
our Aphorifms. 

The Tree is a Supporter of the Motto, Fir- 
tus unit a fort tor : which , being to be read 
from the (ide of the Serpent, reprelenting by 
the Half Moon on its Head the Planet, under 
whole Influence it is born, is to be referrd to 
it according to its particular Motto, which fig- 
nifies, that, if you take it alone, it can do lit- 
tle or nothing in our Art, as wanting the Af^ 
iiftance of others. By the Green Dragon is to 
be undcijftood ourfirft undetermined Matter^ 
comprehending all our Principles, (as is de- 
monltrated by the Half Moon on its Head, 
the Sun in its Body, and the Ciols on its Tail, ) 
and denoting by its Motto^ that it can perform 
the whole work without being join'd with any 
other created or artificially prepared thing: 
which is our firit way. But thi^ our Dragon, 
when copulating with our Serpent, is forced 
to comply with her, degrading it (elf from its 


( 86 ) 

undeterminy Being for the produdion of our 
(econd way. Apollo with the San on his head, 
and Diana with the H^ilf Moon, embracing 
each othspj fhew our third way, and the Con- 
tinuation of our firft and (econd. The River, 
into which they dcfcend, fignifies the State, 
they muft be reduc'd into, before they can be 
in a Capacic^^ ot being born again, and bsfore 
in any of our three ways they can be brought- 
to a perfed Spintualization and Union. Afiollo 
and Diana J coming out of the Rr/cr- in one 
wonderful Body, Diana having obtain'd ail, 
reprcfent our Herculean works, ready finifh'd> 
and the beginningof their Con jandion, and 
by their going tofet their foot on firm ground, 
where ihe is to fow the noble Fruits for the 
Procreation, is to be underflood the Conti- 
nuation of their Conjunction,, till they are ful- 
ly united and perfected, in this Scheme alfo, 
as well as in our Aphorifms, are myfticaily 
exhibited all the principal Points of Faith and 
Religion, cOmpris'd in the Volumes of the 
Old and New Tefiament : whence it mani- 
feftly appears, that the Contemplation of Na- 
ture truly leads to the Comprehenlion ofthofe 
heavenly Verities, by which alone we can ex- 
pe(5l to arrive ac the Enjoyment of that blef- 
fed Immortality, to which, as to rhe true and 
ultimate End of our Creation, all our Endea- 
vors arc 80 be direded.